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Firefighter Spotlight of The Month: September 2023 Hailey Willis

I have lived in Garnerville my whole life. At the age of four, I knew I wanted to be a firefighter due to the influence of friends and family in the fire service. When I turned sixteen that's exactly what I did, join the fire service. I decided to be a firefighter to give back to my community and help others. I joined volunteer hose company # 2 because I knew I would learn great things from amazing people there. I became a firefighter not only to helps others but to show little girls that they can do whatever their hearts desire. Volunteer hose Company # 2 has become like a second family to me today. I’m very grateful for the experiences I have had and the people I have met.

- Hailey Willis

If you are looking to join our company, please don't hesitate to come to our Monday night drills to grab an application. If we don't respond, then who will?

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