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Firefighter Spotlight of The Month: June 2023, Mike Perri

Mike Perri was born in The Bronx and lived in Yonkers until his family moved to West Haverstraw when he was four years old. When he found out that he was able to volunteer as a firefighter he became very curious. At 18 years old, Mike decided to join Volunteer Hose Co #2 and his life changed forever. Guided by really great people who taught him what was necessary to serve the community, he became an integral member of the firehouse. He was accepted early on and encouraged to do the best he could. He was fortunate enough to attain positions such as training officer, lieutenant, captain and assistant chief. His experience at the firehouse influenced his decision to become a career firefighter in New York City. Mike enjoyed serving the community of West Haverstraw for the last 21 years and looks forward to continuing that as long as possible.

"I am very grateful for the experiences that I have and the people I’ve met through my time here." -Mike Perri

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