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Drill: Vehicle Extrication Saturday, November 25th,2023

November 25, 2023, The members of Volunteer Hose conducted a vehicle extrication drill in coordination with Haverstraw Ambulance. Members utilized the airbags to lift the vehicle off a victim that was pinned under the vehicle.

They then removed the driver's door and pushed up the dashboard while EMS tended to the driver who was pinned in the vehicle. Both victims were tended to by EMS. These allow our members to hone our skills and continue our working relationship with Haverstraw EMS.

This drill was attended by Volunteer Hose members:

Chief Mulero

Captain Holdampf

Lieutenant Heckett

FF Dave Kryger

FF John Gormley

FF Jerry Knapp

FF Orlando Lago

FF Bruce Chisolm

FF Omar Munoz

FF Patrick Bagdon

FF Mike Dolan

Photos: FF Charles Hatala

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