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36 Dye Street September 24,2023 A nighttime Rescue: Bambi's Call for help

In a heartwarming incident that unfolded at 36 Dye Street, the Volunteer Hose Company #2 answered a unique call for help. At 18:01 hrs, they sprang into action to rescue Bambi, a deer trapped over 20 feet down in an abandoned building's basement. Upon receiving the call, our dedicated members wasted no time.

They quickly cleared away tree branches and building debris blocking access to the basement. It was a race against time to reach Bambi and bring her to safety. Armed with just a rope and a ladder, our team drew on their knowledge and resourcefulness. They even remembered lessons learned from watching four seasons of Yellowstone, a testament to their determination to succeed. With great care and skill, our firefighters were able to corral Bambi, lift her to safety, and release her back into the wild where she belongs. Importantly, this successful rescue operation left no harm to any other deer or our members.

This heartwarming incident showcases the dedication and compassion of the Volunteer Hose Company #2. We are always ready to respond, no matter the call, and will continue to serve our community, human and animal alike.

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