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Company Annual Dinner May 13th, 2023

As it is tradition, Volunteer Hose Company #2 had its annual dinner at the Elk's Lodge in Haverstraw on May 13th, 2023. At the dinner, Volunteer Hose Company #2, SW Johnson, Town of Haverstraw and Village of West Haverstraw presented awards to various members of the company:

  • Status Elevated to President Emeritus: Mike Dolan

  • Captain's Award: Andy Kolesar and Mike Perri

  • President's Award: Phil Heckett

  • Top Responders Awards: Angel Colon, Mitch Ramos, Mike Bonavito, Bernard Ellis, Mike Perri

  • Years of Service Awards:

    • 5 Years: Doug Kerrigan, Tara Bertolino, Amber Ellis

    • 15 Years: Lilliana Lopez, Gerald Knapp

    • 20 Years: Algenis Ferreira

    • 25 Years Life Members: Jose Mulero, Omar Munoz

    • 30 Years: Todd Weiss

    • 35 years: David Kryger

    • 45 Years: John Intrieri

  • Black Shield Presentation: Hailey Willis and Yifan Shen

  • Firefighter of the Year Award (posthumously): Frank DeGroat

Thank you to all of our guests who graced the company with their presence at the dinner.

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