2014 Gallery


Vol Hose Going Away Party

for FFTaylor Rosario


Taylor Rosario Video


Vol Hose Santa Drive

Around 2014


Vol Hose Nick Sweeney

Pasta Fundraiser


New Members Room Dedication, Reunion and Service Awards Presentation



2013 Gallery


Comedy Wing Night

October 2013


2011 Gallery


North Rockland Train Derailment Disaster Drill Dept. 23 Area 3-13-11


2010 Gallery


Vol Hose Adult Christmas

Party 2010


Vol Hose Santa Drive

Around 2010


Vol Hose Comedy/Wing

Night 10/23/10


Vol Hose Summer Family Picnic

8/14/10 Bowline Point Park


2010 Fireman's Memorial

Part 1


2010 Firemen's Memorial

Part 2


Vol Hose Annual Installation Dinner 5/9/10


2009 Gallery


Vol Hose Santa Drive Around 2009


RCVFA Convention & Parade

Tallman N.Y.

September 11,12 2009


Volunteer Hose Summer

Family Picnic


(Movies require Quicktime)


Vehicle Extracation



Wayne Day Parade




Larken Lane

Brush Fire 4-13-09**

W/ Radio Xmit &

News 12 Feature

(Movie Requires Windows

Media Player)


Helen Hayes Hospital

Brush Fire 3-24-09

Departments 23-18-26-9-6-4


Volunteer Hose

Comedy Night Fundraiser



Volunteer Hose

Firefighter 1 and 2 Graduation




2008 Gallery


Ex-Chief Dave Kryger Sworn

in as Detective HTPD 12-5-08


Volunteer Hose Santa Drive Around 2008


RCVFA Convention 2008


RCVFA Past Presidents

Dinner 2008


Rockland County Parade



Roosevelt Dr. Fire



Annual Installation Dinner 2008


Firemens Memorial

Service 6-8-08


Volunteer Hose Summer Family Picnic 7-6-08


Volunteer Hose Wing Night




2007 Gallery


Volunteer Hose Superbowl Party



Firemens Memorial Dedication





2006 Gallery


Volunteer Hose Reunion Night



DEC Copiers Drill



Volunteer Hose Mothers Day Brunch 5-14-06


Volunteer Hose Annual Installation Dinner 5-20-06


Structure Fire

Blauvelt Ave 7-26-06


Volunteer Hose Summer Family Picnic 8-19-06


9-11 Memorial 2006



2005 Gallery


Wayne Day Parade and Bazzar



WHFD Ftc Drill 5-21-05


Wayne Day Parade 7-16-05


Volunteer Hose Annual Installation Dinner 5-21-05


Firemans Memorial




2004 Gallery


Helen Hayes Hospital House Fire 4-8-04


WMD Drill Helen Hayes Hospital Mar 28-04


Volunteer Hose Annual Installation Dinner 5-14-04


WHFD Fireman's Memorial



WHFD Benson Street Fire



Vintage Gallery


Volunteer Hose Assorted

Vintage Pics

(Are You in Any !!)


Fireman's Memorial

June 1992


Volunteer Hose Old Apparatus





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