The History of  Volunteer Hose Co. #2

West Haverstraw, New York


In the latter part of 1913, it was determined that there was a definite need for a fire company in the Village of West Haverstraw.  Louis Adler, Bert Towers and William Curran, Sr. organized what was later to become Volunteer Hose Company No. 2.  Early in 1915, the Village Board, with Louis Adler a as Mayor, approved the formation of the Volunteer Hose Company. In the earlyer 1900's before the new Fire House was to be built, the land was occupied

by the Old "Manhattan Theater" on the corner of Railroad Ave and what would later become Cosgrove Ave. .



The company was incorporated June 14, 1915 and Bert Towers was elected as the first chief.

The newly formed company immediately purchased a piece of land for $500.  Construction of the original building began in 1919.  The members did most of the labor with some outside help donated.  A fire at the Fowler Brickyard aided the building program and saved the company considerable expense.  In appreciation for their efforts, Mr. Fowler told the firemen that they could have all the bricks they needed for their new firehouse.  This set a good precedent as most of the other brickyards then also donated bricks.  Financial help was received from the Village Board with the appropriation of $8,000 toward the cost of materials and hired labor that was necessary.  When completed, the building was turned over to the Village of West Haverstraw. 

The first piece of equipment used by the company was a hand hose cart acquired by Louis Adler in 1915 and subsequently Horse drawn fire equipment were also put into service. The Village purchased the first new piece of mechanical equipment in 1925.  It was a chain driven Bull Dog Mack Pumper.  William Curran, Sr. was the proud chief at the time.  The “Old Mack” as it was called, remained in service for 25 faithful years.  In 1949, a new Mack 500 pumper was purchased and replaced the “Old Mack.”  Then in 1965, the Village replaced the 500 Mack with a 1,000 gpm Mack, pumper that became the company’s pride and joy.  The `1965 Mack known as 23-1000,

remained in service until the year 2000. 

Through the years, the company held many fundraisers and on their own was able to purchase a 1976 Form F-350.  This vehicle was used for transporting equipment and was known as 23-PATROL. 

Our Village has grown tremendously over the years.  To meet these needs, the village acquired 23-1500, A 1981 1,500 gpm Mack pumper.  It was purchased to work side by side with 23-1000.  In 1991, the company was pleased to show off their new piece of fire fighting apparatus, a Salisbury Rescue on a Ford chasse called 23-RESCUE.  This unit replaced 23-PATROL, which had given many years of faithful service.  In the year 2000, the village purchased the company’s new pride and joy, 23-1501, A Stuphen 1,500 gpm Pumper which replaced the aging 23-1000 which provided 35 years of faithful service to the Village and has won many a parade trophy. 23-1000 although no longer in service, remains maintained by the members of Volunteer Hose and serves as the centerpiece in our line of march at parades.

Company No. 2 is proud of their rich history and of the job well done by the members of the village officials through the years.

©2013 Volunteer Hose Company #2
30 Railroad Ave. West Haverstraw, New York 10993
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